[ct-user] Voice Keyer Hints & Kinks

n5nj@att.net n5nj@att.net
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 15:05:40 +0000

I have used the DVP extensively and have found that it's 
the least susceptible to RF problems out of any of the 
external devices.  It's intimate connection to the 
computer makes control very smooth.

In using a Nel-Tech DVK, I have found that configuring 
the DVK as though it will always be used with a Heil 
Proset, allows you to connect it to any radio that is 
set up for the Heil.  In othere words, use a 1/8" mini 
phone jack for the audio in and a 1/4" phone jack for 
the PTT input and configure the output with the 
corresponding 1/8" mini-phone plug for audio and 1/4" 
plug for PTT.

Just disconnect the Proset from the Heil adapter and 
plug in the DVK's outputs !  Plug the Proset and your 
PTT line into the DVK input and you're ready to go !

The newer MFJ units have been used at V26B recently with 
good results.  Apparently, there is a problem with 
certain configurations where you must be sure that the 
audio and ptt grounds are not connected together.

N5NJ / V26O
Plano, TX USA
ex KR2J, V26RN, W6V, WA2OVE			

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