[ct-user] R2B9.EXE Crashes and WPX Log Problems

K7ZO, Scott Tuthill K7ZO, Scott Tuthill" <k7zo@micron.net
Sun, 11 Apr 1999 07:43:37 -0600

I am in the process of preparing the NK7U WPX M/M log
for submission and am having trouble with R2B9.EXE crashing.
I am using the version dated 8-13-96 and when I run it I
possible illegal address, error code = 0000. This happens
both when I try to run the program from a DOS window in
Win 95 or re-boot the machine in DOS mode. It has also
happened on a couple different machines.

I seem to remember this problem being discussed some time
ago, but I cant remember what the outcome was. I also seem
to remember it being unique to WPX logs.

(For those that you want to know, I converted the logs to
.RES format to remove QSOs where we gave out duplicate
serial numbers due to computer network crashes. If anyone
has another process that will work, please let me know.
Since CT does not store the sent Serial Number in the QSO
record, I have to edit the log file so that the stations
worked appear in exactly to same order as the serial numbers
given. I will then send a note in with the log for the QSOs
deleted so they will hopefully not get penalized for not being
in our log.)

Any and all thoughts will be appreciated. Right now I do
not have a way to prepare a log for submission.

Scott/K7ZO and log master for the NK7U team.

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