[ct-user] How to score IOTA correctly

Mark Marsden Mark Marsden <MM@plextek.co.uk>
Wed, 04 Aug 1999 09:29:55 +0100


If you used CT 9.40 in IOTA and recorded the IOTA 
references of stations sharing your IOTA, there will be errors
in your score.

CT 9.40 scores 15 points for all IOTAs, even your own, which
should only score 3. Although working your own island for the
first time on each band does count as a multiplier.

One way to get CT to score correctly is to do the following.

Assuming your log contains the IOTAs of stations on your 
island (ours contained 36 QSOs with EU5, 5 of which 
were multipliers) 

(1) Make a backup of your original log

(2) Use WRITELOG to create the .ALL and .SUM files.
Your .ALL file now contains the correct number of multipliers
but the wrong score.

(3) Now edit your backup log in CT to remove all references 
to your own IOTA.

(4) Use WRITELOG again to create new .ALL and .SUM files
This .ALL and .SUM file now has the correct QSO score but 
the wrong number of multipliers 

(5) Edit the .ALL file to put the IOTA references back into the log
as they apperaed in the .ALL file in (1) (but keep the points =3).

(6) Edit the .SUM file to add a multiplier for each band you worked
your own IOTA.

(7) recalclaute your score,
 New corrected score = QSO score from (4) x Multipliers from (2)


Mark G4AXX (M4R, Granta Contest Group)


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