[ct-user] Bug in QTC-Traffic for WAE-EU??

Wil DJ7AA dj7aa-wil@t-online.de (Wil DJ7AA)
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 18:02:06 +0100

Hello everybody

I was yust using during last WAE the latest CT Version 9.41 with some
modifikation for the WAE-Europa and found a mistake.

When you getting a splitted QTC on different time and on different
band CT put the band information from the last QTC to all!!

Here a example:

 14-Aug-99 0210  15 KE9I 6/8    0155  S55A       146  !this was on 20
 14-Aug-99 0210  15 KE9I 6/8    0155  S53EO      128  !
 15-Aug-99 1714  15 KE9I 116/2  1709  G3SXW      285  #this was on 15
 15-Aug-99 1714  15 KE9I 116/2  1712  SP2HPD      61  #

So you can see, the band information from the first qtc's are deleted
with the last on.The point 7.e of the contest rules say definitiv:

"European stations may record the QTCs received on a seperate sheet
with a clear indication of their sender including the band where the
QTCs were received."

May be the same is with outsending QTCs, so if we are will have a
corret logfile, you should edit the long QTC (.QLG) file with a 
texteditor, to get the correct band information in the file!!!!!

73 all and see you in the next contest


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