[ct-user] Another minor WAE QTC bug

Doug Brandon Doug Brandon <dab@home.com>
Mon, 16 Aug 1999 15:43:08 -0700

Here's another minor bug in the WAE QTC screen (non-EU side).  I used 
version 9.39.

If you type the callsign of the station receiving the QTC in the log and 
then press ALT-L, this doesn't happen.  But if you press ALT-L to bring up 
the QTC screen, and then change the callsign of the station receiving the 
QTC to something other than the current call in the log, the sequence 
number directly under the callsign does change to reflect the correct 
values for the new station, but the text of the F2 QTC #/# message in the 
functions screen on the right does not change.  It stays at whatever it was 
when you opened the screen.  If you send nothing but 10 QTCs each time you 
won't see this, but if you do partials, you'll see it right away.

I was scared the first time this happened thinking "what the heck is it 
going to do".  It does work ok, the text is just wrong.  I haven't looked 
at my .QTC file yet, but I hope it's ok!

    73 de Doug, N6RT (@ W6EEN)

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