[ct-user] CT and DX4WIN

Frank Grossman Frank Grossman <71042.1303@compuserve.com>
Wed, 25 Aug 1999 22:17:24 -0400

I'm getting the ham shack computers ready for the upcoming contest season...

One thing I'd like to do is use DX4WIN as my non-contest program, and 
continue using CT as my contest software.  I want to key the radio on CW 
with either program.  I currently control my ICOM-765 with a CY-17 on com-2 
and run keying on com-1; I do not currently run packet with CT.

I would like to run DX4WIN with the IC-765/CT-17, packet with my PK-232, and 
a keying interface.  Currently, I'm using the N3JT serial CW interface with 

I understand that I can use the CT-17 and keying on the same serial port (The 
author of DX4WIN says he supports using different pins.), and run packet off 
another port.

Does this mean I'll need two interfaces, one for CT and one for 

Can I using keying and radio control with the same interfaces nd pinning for 
both programs.  What TSRs, etc., will I need?

Would other software be better suited to my need for minimizing or avoiding 
recabling before and after contests?


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