[ct-user] CT and DX4WIN

K0HB - Hans K0HB - Hans <k0hb@arrl.org>
Thu, 26 Aug 1999 04:08:09 +0100

Frank Grossman wrote:
>I'm getting the ham shack computers ready for the upcoming contest
>One thing I'd like to do is use DX4WIN as my non-contest program,
>and continue using CT as my contest software.  I want to key the 
>radio on CW  with either program.  I currently control my ICOM-765 
>with a CY-17 on com-2 and run keying on com-1; I do not currently 
>run packet with CT.
> I would like to run DX4WIN with the IC-765/CT-17, packet with my PK-
> 232, and  a keying interface.  Currently, I'm using the N3JT 
>serial CW interface with  CT.

Have you considered keying your CW via the parallel port?
That would free up both COM1 and COM2 for radio and packet.

The interface is ultra simple, just one resistor and one
NPN transistor if I recall.  You can build it inside a DB25 

Here's another approach.

My current computer came with only COM1 (COM2 is tied up with
an internal 56K modem).  I put in a cheap hamfest-grade ($4.50)
dual serial board with two more comm ports.  Now I have:

  COM1 - Radio control
  COM2 - not available
  COM3 - CW Keying
  COM4 - PK900

73, de Hans, K0HB


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