[ct-user] the same question, no solution

Charles W. Shaw Charles W. Shaw" <n5ul@wtaccess.com
Mon, 13 Dec 1999 15:15:56 +0000

	You said:
>is there any possibility to show at same time following windows:
>1) Zones (States in ARRL) i.e. window popping after ALT-Z
>2) Check Country
>3) Check Dupes

	At least in some contests, you can.  Using VGA Mode, first spread each box
that you want to see so that they will not completely overlap (one at a time).
	Then IN ORDER, use the Alt-Z toggle for zones or states, then Alt-C toggle
for check call and check country, then F12 or Shift-F8 for the check Unique
(Or F8 for Check Partial).  
	Drag each box with mouse to suit.
	This was in use here this past weekend using the ARRL 10 Meter setup and
earlier for ARRL 160.  Good luck!

73, Charles - N5UL

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