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John Loftus John Loftus" <John_Loftus@vettweb.net.au
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Gidday Mike,

A comprehensive library of packet drivers and utilities is available at:


Download the pktd11.zip file for the full crynwr library and utilities.

Good documentation for the crynwr library is available at:


If you can't find a specific driver for your particular card, then first try
the NE2000 generic driver. This worked for my KTI Katron PE-500 PCMCIA card,
which came without a packet driver and was no longer supported by the



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>I am going to try the K1TTT  ethernet system.  My PII 400 mhz system has a
>PCI Fast Ethernet card by Acer using the ALN-320 driver.  I don't find a
>packet driver anywhere on the setup disk.
>Can anyone point me in the direction for a packet driver in the public
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