[ct-user] CT939 band control problem

Ron Stordahl Ron Stordahl" <ron.stordahl@digikey.com
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 10:57:12 -0600

More information on this problem:

Using only COM2 and thus only COMTSR2 with an ICOM781 CQWW CW:


Starting state:
VFO-A at 7.000
VFO-B at 10.105
Band Map on 7.000

Enter ALT-F2:
VFO-A changes to 14.000 then
VFO-B is selected momentarily but remains on 10.105 (where I had it
initially set) then
VFO-A is reselected but remains on 14.000 (as desired) then
Band map switches from 7.000 to 14.000 for 1/4 second then
Band map switches to 7.000 for 1/4 second then
Band map switches to 14.000 and remains at 14.000 (as desired).

The sequence of events is as I have described.  The Band map switches occur
after the VFO selection sequence.  I should have pointed out that I have
used the band
map only because it presents a large visual target when I am trying to watch
both the radio
and the monitor.  Actually all other frequency related displays change at
the same time
as well.

This 'oscillating' is not tied to 40/20, rather if you begin on 160 and
to 80, then the oscillating sequence is 80-160-80.

Here is a possible clue:
If CT939 is run without TNC or RADIO, and thus without COMTSRn, and I take
to set it up within the program to TNC NONE and RADIO NONE as well as to
that on page 2 that NONE is set for these as well, then with it is initially
run it begins
on 20.  I enter PY0FF as my first Q.  Then ALT-F2 to switch to 15 the band
switches to 21.000 and flashes twice.  Then ALT-F1 to switch to 20 the band
switches to 14.000 and flashes twice.  This 'double flash' appears to be at
the same
rate a observed above.  This is the only connection to the above and may be
otherwise unrelated.  I tend to think this 'possible clue' is not relevant.

Ken, I recall that you have a ICOM 781.  Great rig even if its getting a
little old.
I have the CI-V parms in the default setting 26H/1200/ON/----.

In any case this is not causing me any problems as right now I am not using
parallel port for band switching, but I am concerned that if I was that it
would likely
present the same 'oscillation' on the parallel port.  Of course it would
settle down
to the correct band but if that 'oscillation' existed on the parallel port
it would be
a nuisance.

In response to another posting I removed the statement
from my CONFIG.SYS.  I have no idea why it was there anyway.  Maybe
a hold over from an earlier version of DOS prior to the 6.22 I have been
for the last several years.  I do have HIMEM in use, which is absolutely

In any case this 'oscillation problem' is not going to impede my operation
in the
upcoming ARRL CW DX so put this on the back burner for more serious

73 de Ron N5IN

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