[ct-user] problems with keyer

Waldemar Krzok Waldemar Krzok" <Waldemar@zedat.fu-berlin.de
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 11:34:22 +0100

Hi folks,

I had problems with recently downloaded v9.39, so I switched to 
v9.27 during last ARRL contest. Description of problem:
I use my 'home-made' keying interface (optocoupled) attached to 
LPT1 many years. First with PD software, after purchasing of 
commercial version, with v8 and 9 (9.27 is my last used version 
prev. to 9.39). It worked fine. But: v9.39 is very strange. The very 
fist beep (tune, or cq-ing or anything else keying the rig) causes lpt 
port to 'hang' (i.e. tune-beep). The same after terminating CT. The 
only way to switch it off is restart computer, or :-)) start version 
9.27 of CT and start keying. It is not a HF problem, because it 
'works' also without rig :-))
Any ideas??
Computer: 486-66 with 40MB memory, LPT1 address 0x3BC and 
Windows 98 in dos mode. No other connection (rig control or 
packed) attached.

73, de Waldek. DL7ANQ & SO6ANQ

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