[ct-user] The Dreaded Error Message

Dave Hawes Dave Hawes" <n3rd@ix.netcom.com
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 23:16:30 -0400

Hi J.P.!

On 22 Feb 99, w2xx@cloud9.net wrote:

> Of course, this individual didn't save the log to a floppy every
> hour either, right? 

Of course not!  Don't be silly!

You are right of course, and I'm not making any excuses for this fine 
fellow, but he surely didn't realize that his hard disk was developing 
bad sectors, and ate up all the freeboard that he had, which 
apparently wasn't much to begin with.

Oh, well.  Live and learn....the hard way sometimes.

See you at Dayon, OM.


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