[ct-user] CT9.39 Misc observations

Gilmer, Mike Gilmer, Mike" <mgilmer@gnlp.com
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 10:30:00 -0500

Observations - If anyone know what I may have done "wrong" please let me

1.  CW STATUS window:
ALT-K (for keyboard) should bring up CW Status window (or change cursor
or something) to alert user that keyboard mode is invoked.  CW status
window appears after changing speed (ALT-V) or bringing up rate window
(ALT-R) but not after toggling keyboard mode.

2.  RADIO 2:
Radio 2 function (ALT-PERIOD) changes "radio"/band-map, etc even though
I didn't have a second radio enabled. When I selected bogus Radio2 (I
had mistakenly hit ALT-PERIOD instead of ALT-COMMA), any further
attempts at point-and-shoot, band changes etc., did not work properly as
the PC tried to talk to the phantom radio (I guess).  Not a happy condx
in dead of night (yawn) - left me believing the radio/PC communications
was broken.

Tried playing with COLORS (for Band Map window settings) when rate got
slow - didn't seem to work - do you need to re-start CT?   I used VGA
mode.  (CT crashed and went to DOS once while in COLORS)

4.  ALT-F3:
One cannot edit (except to add to) the data extracted into the Send spot
window.  Got several "bad" frequency entries (freq was wrong due to my
Band Map problems - see other emails) so I wanted to edit freq but could
not.  Never sent those spots.

5.  F7 (send "?")
Once in a while (probably 30-40 times during 20 hours of contest) the
"?" key (F7) sent extraneous dits (about three dits) or an extra "?"
before the real "?"  I had two "+" in front of the "?" to speed it up.
Never took them out to see if problem went away - was not reproducible.

6.  F11
Once I accidentally wiped (F11) an already-entered log entry ( I had
just unknowingly up-arrowed into the previous call ) and then CT is
"locked up" sort of - perhaps there should be a way of preventing this
situation (say, attempts at wiping an existing, logged entry has an "Are
you sure?" window or forces your own call into the field or?) Maybe this
has been debated before...

7.  Check callsign status
After tabbing out of the callsign field (into the RST field) there is no
indication of DUPE, etc.  One must <TAB> into the Power field for this
checking to occur.  I think that the first <TAB> should invoke this
checking.  Also, after a point-and-shoot loads the callsign field, it
should do the same.  Another symptom of this is that the DUPE or new
country message that appears at the bottom of the screen remains from
the previous callsign check until the double-TAB.  Can be confusing!

Also, a grabbed entry from BM only loads the call (not the exchange,
say, Power for ARRL) - perhaps you do this on purpose? - not sure why.
A subsequent <TAB> <TAB> of course does load the Power.

Sure beats logging by hand!
73, Mike N2MG

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