[ct-user] CT9.39 Misc observations

Warren Walsh Warren Walsh <wwalsh@nile.intac.com>
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 12:26:26 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 23 Feb 1999, Gilmer, Mike wrote:

> 7.  Check callsign status
> After tabbing out of the callsign field (into the RST field) there is no
> indication of DUPE, etc.  One must <TAB> into the Power field for this
> checking to occur.  I think that the first <TAB> should invoke this
> checking.  Also, after a point-and-shoot loads the callsign field, it
> should do the same.  Another symptom of this is that the DUPE or new
> country message that appears at the bottom of the screen remains from
> the previous callsign check until the double-TAB.  Can be confusing!
> Also, a grabbed entry from BM only loads the call (not the exchange,
> say, Power for ARRL) - perhaps you do this on purpose? - not sure why.
> A subsequent <TAB> <TAB> of course does load the Power.

Forgive the dumb question, but why do you use the <TAB> key instead of 
the <SPACEBAR>?  I think alot of what you see in the above would not 
occur.  I used the BM with my OMNI-VI, and didn't really have any of 
these problems.  If I grabbed a callsign from the BM it put it into the 
CALLSIGN field, and then hitting <SPACEBAR> it would put in the power in 
the correct field.  However this will only happen if you had previously 
logged this station.


Warren - K2BM

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