[ct-user] Tab vs. Spacebar

Gilmer, Mike Gilmer, Mike" <mgilmer@gnlp.com
Tue, 23 Feb 1999 14:05:55 -0500

	Forgive the dumb question, but why do you use the <TAB> key
instead of 
	the <SPACEBAR>?  I think alot of what you see in the above would
	occur.  I used the BM with my OMNI-VI, and didn't really have
any of 
	these problems.  If I grabbed a callsign from the BM it put it
into the 
	CALLSIGN field, and then hitting <SPACEBAR> it would put in the
power in the correct field.  

Well, that's not a dumb question!  Actually, I found myself sub- (or is
it un- ) consciously using a lot of Win95's ( and others' ) "standards"
for navigating while I was using CT.  In most Win95 apps, the <TAB> key
(and often ONLY the <TAB> key) moves one from field to field.  Since it
worked, I used it.  Now, I will certainly learn to use the <SPACEBAR>; I
forgot about this key.   It certainly is a bigger target, too.  I
haven't used CT much or operated much in several years.

But my comment/complaint/suggestion stands:
If the call is going to be checked against previously logged calls, why
wait until you've jumped into the POWER field?  This forces one to make
an extra keystroke when using the BandMap (still gotta hit that

BTW, I found myself using another "standard" and that is the
CTRL-RTARROW (or CTRL-LTARROW) action to move around (text editors, MS
Word, etc., use it to move from beginning-of-word to beginning-of-word).
Oops!  Gotta watch it.

> However this will only happen if you had previously 
> logged this station.
That much I knew :o)

73, Mike N2MG

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