[ct-user] 9.38/9.39

jtolbert jtolbert" <jtolbert@gremlan.org
Sat, 27 Feb 1999 17:39:22 -0500

I have tried both ver 9.38 and 9.39 for the 160 ssb contest. Even though
the "RPT ON" indicator comes on I still
cant get either version to repeat key my W9XT card on lpt1. The software is
set for W9XT card. I finally figured out I can record 
messages by the shift-f key method even though there is no visual
indication anything is going on when I press shift-f key
I would think some other window you open or something would change on the
display to indicate you are in record mode
Any one have success with repeat keying from CT and a W9XT card. BTW it
works fine on cw.

73 Jamie WW3S

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