[ct-user] Need help: DVPTSR + NETTSR

Dave Hawes Dave Hawes" <n3rd@ix.netcom.com
Sun, 28 Feb 1999 00:52:59 -0400

I spent four hours today attempting, unsuccessfully, to get a DVP to 
coexist with my packet driver for my NIC.  If the DVPTSR was 
loaded first, the packet driver was disfunctional.  If the packet driver 
went in first, the DVPTSR was hosed.

First, the obvious, there were no IRQ or base address conflicts.

The NIC is an Ansel "Ethernet 16-bit NE2000 Compatible" and 
works fine.  We had the N3RS network up and running in the CW 
contest with excellent results.  It's just now that we're trying to get the 
DVPTSR to work that we're running into trouble.

Is there some magic to this that I'm not aware of?  I hope so.  The 
Ethernet stuff from K1TTT works so well, we dislike the thought of 
having to use the older serial communications network.

If anybody can provide some assistance, I'd be willing to go back to 
N3RS tomorrow to putz with this again.  I just KNOW it can be done, 
since if it couldn't, we'd all be hearing about here on CT-USER, so 
my assumption is that I'm missing something in the setup 

Any help appreciated.

73 - Dave N3RD

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