[ct-user] CT938 Beta Tests

K2YR@aol.com K2YR@aol.com
Fri, 1 Jan 1999 19:46:23 EST

Happy New Year all!
I have been playing with 9.38 Beta, downloaded from the Vault, and here is
some findings.
First, it's nice to see the addition of support for w9xt DVK card.  The "stop
sending"  works (hitting esc.), which is nice, but still doesn't work in
repeat mode.  Also,  the readme file says 9.38 Beta also can control recording
functions of the w9xt card, but doesn't say how ?  The K1EA DVP commands do
not do anything,  but that seems logical.  So, how is this done?

My BIG Problem though is an on going problem with "stuttering" CW when I'm
using the CAT interface with CT and a FT-990.  I  have mentioned this problem
before.  It doesn't matter what kind of computer, or what OS i'm running (
DOS, Windows, ETC.) It's always there.  My hardware is fine,  I do not have
the problem when running "other" logging software.  (ie: "TR")  But, I have no
desire to go to different logging program.  As far as I'm concerned,  CT is
still the best, and operator friendly.  Ken's work in the past and  present
should be commended.

CT is working better all the time for SSB, but with my FT-990,  it is not
possible to use computer interface and run CW,  therefore missing the many
advantages having CAT.

I know, Ken,  you have addressed this a little in the past, and was wondering
if FT-990 Stuttering CW was still on the "list"?

73, Carl,  K2YR

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