[ct-user] Problems with CW keying - 9.37

Kimo Chun KH7U Kimo Chun KH7U <kimo@lava.net>
Fri, 01 Jan 1999 05:14:00 +0000

Will and Robin:

>Re: [ct-user] Problems with CW keying - 9.37
>Thu, 31 Dec 1998 11:44:11 -0800 

>Previous message: AA4NC@aol.com: "[ct-user] Problems with CW keying - 9.37" 
>At 12:02 PM 12/31/98 EST, AA4NC@aol.com wrote:
>>I finally got CT to run on my new computer, using ver. 9.37 and running
it in
>>MSDOS mode. It will NOT run in a DOS window in WIN98.
>thank goodness!   windows- the fastest way to gibberdish!

   I followed other's advice on this reflector and changed the attribute
   on my computer to GUI=0 so it comes up in WIN98's "real" DOS. I just
   type WIN if I want to continue loading WIN98, otherwise I can run my
   DOS software.

>>Hit keys to send CW
>>Gibberish junk sent from LPT port to radio
>did you turn off the keyer in the radio?  this usually works OK

   My setup was an MFJ keyer/Bencher key combo feeding an FT-890 with
   the internal keyer off.
>>Then dead keys in a continuous carrier until computer is rebooted.
>I have experienced this with the 5 interfaces I built for XZ1N, I suspect a
>combination hardware issue, (nothing to pull it down)and a software issue.
>Perhaps Ken will have time to chcek this after the new year sets in..
>73, robin, wa6cdr/xz1n

   I experienced this with CT 9.37 using more than one of four I built 
   and used for XU1A. In my case I believe it was RF getting back in
   and keeping the interface keyed. Antennas too close, no real equipment
   ground available and a plastic interface housing without bypass caps,
   etc. I was ASKING for it!  I will be modifying my construction.

   I could stop the problem by killing the rig power until the Function
   Switch programmed CW was theoretically "over". I could make the problem
   go away by turning off the linear and reducing the exciter power or go
   to a different antenna/band. I would be interested to hear if there is a
   software issue, too. What I really wish is that I'd used v.9.27 instead!
   It was not smart to use the newest version for this critical use. Can
   we say TIME PROBLEMS....

   Aloha, 73

   Kimo Chun, KH7U / One of XU1A

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