[ct-user] re: running CT on WIN machines

wb6tza@compuall.net wb6tza@compuall.net
Sat, 02 Jan 1999 08:44:33 -0800

hi kim Et Al

re win 95/98 and dos mode

there is a reasonably simple way to make the boot win boot dos choice

edit the text file MSDOS.SYS  (you will have to change its attributes from
hidden & system first)

ADD the line

and then you will have a boot choice menu presented for 30 seconds at boot
time. it will default through to windows after the wait time, unless you
choose another menu item.

to control the default time and default boot

BootMenuDefault=(number)  this is the number of the item on the boot menu
you want it to default boot, typically 1 for windows  I changed this to
boot to a command prompt (usually 6) on all our expedition computers to
simplify matters there.

after whatever dos work you need to do is done, WIN at the command prompt
will load windows normally.

73, robin, wa6cdr/xz1n

At 05:14 AM 1/1/99 +0000, Kimo Chun KH7U wrote:
>Will and Robin:
>>Re: [ct-user] Problems with CW keying - 9.37
>>Thu, 31 Dec 1998 11:44:11 -0800 
>>Previous message: AA4NC@aol.com: "[ct-user] Problems with CW keying - 9.37" 
>>At 12:02 PM 12/31/98 EST, AA4NC@aol.com wrote:
>>>I finally got CT to run on my new computer, using ver. 9.37 and running
>it in
>>>MSDOS mode. It will NOT run in a DOS window in WIN98.
>>thank goodness!   windows- the fastest way to gibberdish!
>   I followed other's advice on this reflector and changed the attribute
>   on my computer to GUI=0 so it comes up in WIN98's "real" DOS. I just
>   type WIN if I want to continue loading WIN98, otherwise I can run my
>   DOS software.

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