[ct-user] Problems with CW keying - 9.37

Jon W4ZW Jon W4ZW" <rsr@gate.net
Fri, 1 Jan 1999 10:39:41 -0000

9.23 thru 9.37 all work OK here under DOS, WIN95, and WIN98 using LPT1 using
LPT1 to key the radios. I've used it on a variety of computers: NEC Laptop,
Compaq Laptop, SONY VAIO, DELL, various Homebuilt models, and just now on a
COMPAQ Presario here at my Breckenridge, Colorado QTH.

Keying thru LPT2 was broken for a while, but has worked OK the past year or

If your radio keys up and stays keyed up when you hit a function, you may
say it's not RF but 99% of the time that's the culprit.  Ferrites in the
keying line and common grounds with the computer normally solve this

Jon, W4ZW/0
Breckenridge, CO

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