[ct-user] Problems with CW keying - 9.37

Dick Green Dick Green" <dick.green@valley.net
Sat, 2 Jan 1999 00:11:24 -0500

I could be wrong, but this sounds like RFI. The quick way to determine this
is to turn off your vox switch to disable transmission and listen to the
tranceiver's sidetone. If you hear the proper CW characters being sent and
the computer doesn't lock up, then the cause is RF getting into the
computer. (Note: if your tranceiver doesn't have a vox switch or doesn't
emit a sidetone when in standby, then just turn the power output all the way
down for the test.)

I had this problem, particularly when using high power to an 80M inverted
vee that was pretty close to the shack and had a feedline run that was too
close and parallel to the antenna. Lots of RF in the shack. A little
experimentation revealed that the RF was getting in through the keyboard. I
happened to have an old keyboard of different manufacture lying around and
using that one solved the problem.

If you do have an RFI problem, try disconnecting every cable from the
computer that you can. If the problem goes away, trial and error will reveal
the culprit. If it doesn't go away, try putting ferrite beads on the
remaining cables.

Hope this helps,
73, Dick, WC1M

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