[ct-user] 9.38 Beta CW keying of Yaesu

Keith Beebe Keith Beebe <kbeebe@epix.net>
Sun, 03 Jan 1999 23:47:57 +0000

OK, I tried it. Tested out the 9.38 Beta tonight. As noted by Ken, he
changed the polling rate of Yaesu rigs in an effort to improve the CW
keying problem. There is a slight improvement in that I can actually get
a callsign sent out, but the second the polling accesses the rig then CW
is affected. The same "stuttering" problem still exists and it mangles a
callsign or a report. I wouldn't trust it in a contest. The rig used is
a Yaesu FT-990 with the CAT interface.

I've gone to back to 9.34

Keith Beebe W3KB

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