[ct-user] post contest

Hank Kohl K8DD Hank Kohl K8DD <k8dd@contesting.com>
Wed, 13 Jan 1999 20:41:41 -0500

With the PostContest  Alt-F FillTimes and NoPostContest commands.

Actually it is written up in the red Version 9 CT manual on page 67
with a bit more detail.

73    Hank    K8DD

At 08:11 PM 1/13/99 -0500, jtolbert wrote:
>Is there a way to re-enter an entire contest log into CT after the 
>I "lost" my .bin file but have the file imported into LOG-EQF.
>I can rekey it all but then would have to alt-f the time for every q. Is
>there a better way?
>73 Jamie WW3S
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