[ct-user] Eithernet Networking

Simon Ravnic Simon Ravnic <Simon.Ravnic@uni-mb.si>
Wed, 27 Jan 1999 19:41:55 +0100


When starting the nettsr the command line looks like this: (from the manual)

nettsr my_ip_addr [[[[ sw_int ] broadcast_mask ] broadcast_port ] send_to_ip]

i.e. nettsr 100 9870

So this 100 means it will use com4,  99 is for com3, 98 is for com2, 97 is
for com1.. so probably 
101 will be for the com5...

I have this set up with 5 PCs and it works great... thanks to K1TTT for the

Simon, S53ZO

At 09:51 26.1.99 -0800, Smith, Dave wrote:
>I have tried (unsuccessfully) to set up three computers using eithernet
>(thinnet and can't get any of the three computers to talk to each other. I'm
>asking for help. Here's what I've done so far:
>1) installed the NIC's in each of the three computers.
>2) boot to dos so each computer is running in pure dos environment
>2) installed and run the packet program for the cards. In my case the
>program was called PNPPD.COM. It looks like it initializes the card. So far
>so good. 
>3) replaced the COMTSR5 with K1TTT's ethernet driver
>4) Set up com 5 for the network option.
>5) start CT Version 9.27, 
>When running CT, I get a "COMTSR5" lot loaded" error and no networking takes
>place. What am I over looking or doing wrong?
>Any ideas or help with getting this going?
>Dave / W6TE
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