[ct-user] Internal & External Keyer

Gord Kosmenko Gord Kosmenko <gkosmenko@arrowspeed.com>
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 11:51:01 -0600

Couple of items, has anybody done a mod to the
FT-1000MP to have the rig support an external
cw keying from CT and still have use of the internal
rig keyer ?

There is a "mod" Kenwood has provided in the TS-950SDX
that works well.

Anyone using CT's LPT pin 16 PTT delay for slow T/R in
amps ?

Rumors about a cw paddle input support ?

PacketCluster telnetting to the Internet, some info on this
would be very helpful.

Thanks much ....... Gord VE6SV

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