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Wed, 02 Jun 1999 19:39:30 -0700

We pressured the Yaesu folks considerably about the 1000MP keying issue for
the XZ1N trips.  As nearly as I can tell, its virtually impossible.  The
front and rear jacks are indeed in parallel, but they are hooked into the
micro, and NOT into a keying device which could be bypassed.  Searching the
circuitry seems to show the keying actions are controlled by the micro, and
there simply isn't a straight keying point which is accessible.  We
consulted with one of their DXpedition qualified technical folks - one who
actually knows which end of a soldering iron is hot - and he indicated that
he was unable to get the factory to acknowledge the issue.

We gave up and supplied external keyers and paralleled CT keying with it.

see inserted comments below

At 11:51 6/2/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Couple of items, has anybody done a mod to the
>FT-1000MP to have the rig support an external
>cw keying from CT and still have use of the internal
>rig keyer ?
>There is a "mod" Kenwood has provided in the TS-950SDX
>that works well.
>Anyone using CT's LPT pin 16 PTT delay for slow T/R in
>amps ?

yes-  and I believe it now works correctly-  there was a problem with a
version in the early 9.3X region which caused the keying line to stay
closed.  The issue is also RFI dependent, and PC dependent to some degree-
laptops may have trouble with it.

>Rumors about a cw paddle input support ?

last I heard it was still a rumor

robin critchell, wa6cdr/xz1n

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