[ct-user] 1000MP Keying

wb6tza@socal.rr.com wb6tza@socal.rr.com
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 21:13:05 -0700

I spent considerable time bugging various Yaesu folks-  apparently the 
factory doesn't believe this is a problem worth fixing.

The front and rear keying jacks are effectively paralleled, and cannot be 
separated.  There is NO practical or reasonable way to use CT as an 
external keyer source while using the internal keyer to operate a set of 

The only practical solution is to use an external keyer, turn off and 
forget the internal MP keyer, and parallel the output of the external keyer 
and CT.  It IS OK to plug CT in the rear and an external keyer into the 
front (or the reverse) as long as the MP keyer is turned off

This is VERY annoying, but its only annoying- the rig works fine 
otherwise.  Seems Yaesu factory knows better than we do what we need... ( 
Bill Gates brother?)

This little annoyance requires us to have enough external keyers for every 
rig on a DXPedition - one more thing to carry.

Robin Critchell, WA6CDR /  XZ0A

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