[ct-user] 1000MP Keying

wb6tza@socal.rr.com wb6tza@socal.rr.com
Thu, 13 Apr 2000 19:22:16 -0700

Unfortunately, the keyer in the MP is an integral part of the Micro that 
runs a lot of things.  there IS no defined "output" of the keyer to go and 
hack and tie to an external connector--- believe me, we tried!  I would 
have re-wired the front and rear connectors to accomplish this if it were 
possible -  my contacts at Yaesu (one of whom has the skill and knowledge 
to engineer and DO the mods has not done it to his own MP!), and my own 
searching agree - its simply not practical.

Its really too bad - its a significant convenience shortcoming in an 
otherwise all around useful box

Actually, I think its gonna be easier to persuade Ken to add paddle support 
to CT!

robin critchell, wa6cdr/xz0a

At 12:26 PM 4/13/00, Richard & Martha Wilder wrote:

>I have modifed two rigs (IC-735 and IC-737A) to overcome the problem and I
>would hope that all manufacturers would adapt this proceedure.
>I added a phono connecter to the rear panel that was wired to the
>output of the internal keyer.  The computer (or a straight key) is
>connected to the phono connector and the quarter-inch connector is used
>only for the paddle.
>I think that this circuit would be less expensive to manufacture.
>The added phono connector would be less expensive in material AND labor
>than the eliminated change-over switch.
>73, Dick Wilder, K3DI    k3di@arrl.net
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>On Wed, 12 Apr 2000 wb6tza@socal.rr.com wrote:
> > I spent considerable time bugging various Yaesu folks-  apparently the
> > factory doesn't believe this is a problem worth fixing.
> >
> > The front and rear keying jacks are effectively paralleled, and cannot be
> > separated.  There is NO practical or reasonable way to use CT as an
> > external keyer source while using the internal keyer to operate a set of
> > paddles.
> >
> > The only practical solution is to use an external keyer, turn off and
> > forget the internal MP keyer, and parallel the output of the external 
> keyer
> > and CT.  It IS OK to plug CT in the rear and an external keyer into the
> > front (or the reverse) as long as the MP keyer is turned off
> >
> > This is VERY annoying, but its only annoying- the rig works fine
> > otherwise.  Seems Yaesu factory knows better than we do what we need... (
> > Bill Gates brother?)
> >
> > This little annoyance requires us to have enough external keyers for every
> > rig on a DXPedition - one more thing to carry.
> >
> > 73, Robin Critchell, WA6CDR /  XZ0A
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