[ct-user] Y2K and CT

Tim Duffy Tim Duffy <tduffy@sygnet.com>
Sat, 01 Jan 2000 22:00:00 -0500

John Allen wrote:

> Happy New Year Art and CT users~
> Art - I feel that you should upgrade to 9.46.  At this point in CT's
> development, bug reports on versions
> earlier than 9.46 should not be reported, in my opinion, they are, by
> anyones software development standards, not relevant and will most
> likely
> get the reply from the support staff (if any reply at all) that you
> should
> try the latest revision first.

However, if there is a reasonable patch written, that allows many
previous versions to work, wouldn't that be the best case?

We never run the latest version available because of the possibility of
problems that are tough to test without a full blown contest.

Let's see what Ken comes up with.

Tim K3LR  (Proudly running CT 9.27)

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