[ct-user] CT v9.46 problems

David Sharred David Sharred" <dave@g3nkc.freeserve.co.uk
Sun, 9 Jan 2000 20:18:13 -0000

Just done a short RSGB contest using CT v9.46.001; and would like to share a
few things:

1) - Y2K issue previously reported - We susseed ourselves, and then N3OC
told me that, if you do Alt-f on a new CT session, before any QSO's are
logged, you get the time as 0000z, date 01-Jan-1970.

However, as soon as you log the QSO, subsequent Alt-f's show the correct
date / Time. Don't know why it does what it does, but all seems ok.

2) - extension of above - I checked a QSO using Alt-f in the contest - it
effectively swapped the previously logged contact with the current line !
Uh ?? If you have qso in the current line, when you log it, it goes into the
previous line !

3)  My previous version of CT was CT9.36 - if you played with the CW
speedusing Alt - F9/F10, or went into Keyboard mode, the CW speed window +
the Keyboard mode window would be displayed. This does not now work; but you
can get it up by using Alt-v  (vary cw speed).  An observation.

Dave Sharred

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