[ct-user] Serial interface & keying

Ron Stordahl Ron Stordahl" <ron.stordahl@DIGIKEY.COM
Mon, 10 Jan 2000 10:54:40 -0600

Waldek et al

Yes you can use a single serial port simultaneously for rig control and for
CW keying, I have done so.  I use an ICOM781 and its interface only uses 3
wires (RX, TX and Ground).  The DTR line is free and you can use it for CW
keying using the appropriate transistor circuit shown in the CT manual.  I
have done this only with CT using DOS, I have not tried this with WinCT.

It works, but there is a serious drawback, which could easily be fixed by
Ken (if  could get his attention):

I start CT using a batch file, which first loads and starts the COMTRS's,
COM1 for rig control & CW keying, COM2 for PacketCluster TNC.  Immediately
after COMTSR for COM1 starts the radio goes into key down mode.  And it
stays in key down mode until CT loads, starts, gets to the final
screen--then you must hit one of the CW function keys to send something.
Only then does the key down condition clear. COMTSR is asserting DTR true
when it could be easily changed to do just the opposite at initialization.

Of course you can switch your rig to SSB temporarily to get through this
frustrating problem, or you can switch to LPT keying which completely avoids
this problem.  I switched to LPT keying, purchasing a separate LPT card.

COMTSR needs to be modified to correct this problem.

73 Ron N5IN

From: "Waldemar Krzok" <Waldemar@zedat.fu-berlin.de>
> Hi Folks,
> a few months ago I read on this reflector that someone managed to
> get rig control and keying on same (serial) port. Both handbook
> and my experiense sez that this combination does not work.
> I'm using Kenwood TS690 with ct 9.46.
> Waldek, DL7ANQ & SO6ANQ

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