[ct-user] unknown network message

Potbellyc@aol.com Potbellyc@aol.com
Fri, 21 Jan 2000 22:09:58 EST

Anybody know what "Unknown Network Message x 1 2 22 19 22 1 199" means?  

(The computers were working fine in my house, but I just got a cell phone 
call from "the hill" where the guys are monkeying with it.   My manual is up 
there, and I won't be up there till tomorrow sometime.  Please reply directly 
to me at: potbellyc@aol.com.

(6 networked PC's, serial port network, ver 9.27)

    Joe  WB2VVS

If you're operatiing the VHF contest this weekend, look for K2TVI in FN21, 
most bands.  I think we'll have up thru 10 gig.

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