[ct-user] Deflalting bands on CT

Glenn Allen Glenn Allen" <ke6hpz@catalina-inter.net
Thu, 15 Jun 2000 22:52:36 -0700

Hi I am presently using CT version 9.49 and I want to default the Band and
mode that CT starts up in each time.  I have been using version 8.23, but it
became unusable because of Y2K thing.  When I restarted version 8.23 it
would come up in the band and mode that the last contact was made before it
quit.  I used this feature to have Floppy disks for all bands and modes for
Field day.  That why is a certain station wants to run on 40 meter SSB, all
they had to do was come over to the main tent, and get the 40 meters SSB
disk, and all the contacts would be on the disk and it was all ready in 40
meters SSB.  The new version always defaults to 20 meters SSB.  I HAVE to
make this setup with the disks to be IDIOT PROOF.   I do NOT want the
operators to know how to change bands on CT or they WILL goof it up.
I tried in the band setup to be set up 40 MONO, and it still defaults to 20
meters SSB.
73 de ke6hpz Glenn

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