[ct-user] Top ten

François BARBIER François BARBIER
Fri, 16 Jun 2000 13:10:13 +0200

Good morning everybody

I'm trying to match my TS 870 with a top ten via PC.

Some  problems happend,   when the top ten work, my Ts 870 isn't recognize
by my PC and when the TS 870 is recognize by the PC the Top ten don't works.

I never see  the 870 and top ten works together in same time !!!

PC 486 dx 2 66
8 mo
dd 250 mo
ct 939 and dos 6.22

ts 870 on the com 1
top ten on the LPT 1
w9xt card on  LPT  2 (works in any case oufff)

and add line in autoexec.bat
cd k1ea
ct tm6t

perhaps i miss something or is wrong method

Any idea ??  thanks in advance and  73 to all contesters from François F5NGA
ex F6GFC/2 TM2X

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