[ct-user] CT on a Win 98 Machine

dennis egan dennis egan" <nb1b@mediaone.net
Thu, 22 Jun 2000 19:36:18 -0400

Count me as one of those that has never been successful in getting CT to run
on a Win 98 machine.  I spent many hours trying to do it- one time it
wouldn't key the LPT, one time it wouldn't communicate with the Radio, one
time I could receive but not send spots- it was just too squirrelly to waste
time with.

The easiest way I have gotten it to work is to the use the emergency boot
disk.  Set up the CMOS so that the computer searches the A: drive first,
then put the emergency boot disk in and turn on the computer.  It boots up
to pure DOS and CT runs beautifully.

Dennis NB1B

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