[ct-user] CT and mouse

Gilmer, Mike Gilmer, Mike" <mgilmer@gnlp.com
Mon, 13 Mar 2000 08:42:53 -0500

I run CT in DOS. The machine it's on doesn't even have WIN3.1.
I used a mouse for the first time this past ARRL DX SSB.

I normally run CT in VGA so I thought that the "empty spaces" could now have
a useful window sitting there.  I really didn't want another thing (the
mouse) on my desk top - in CW it would be really crowded.
With the mouse driver loaded, I found CT crashing all the time - so my mind
was made up for me.

So I moved my windows around, saved the config (by exiting) and then
rebooted with the driver no longer called.

Worked fine like that. 


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