[ct-user] screwy serial number problem

David Robbins David Robbins <k1ttt@berkshire.net>
Sun, 28 May 2000 21:28:49 +0100

running ct 9.50....  now follow me if you can... 6 station m/m, only one
computer per station, only one station per band.  running on 15 and 20m.  15m
looses radio communication to ft-1000mp for some reason and thinks its on 20m...
but takes its serial number with it so now the 20m station gets the next 15m
serial number.  reboot the 15m computer and it happily goes back to 15m and
keeps running, reboot 20m, it still has the 15m serial number stuck as its next

try a few things... b2r9/r2b9 corrupts the file so it won't load. (yes, the
latest version freshly downloaded from the web page)

go in with ms visual studio and edit the binary for the 20m station, but then
think that it won't work either unless i do it on all the other stations since
the backbone now seems to be filled with each station sending what it thinks the
next serial number is for every band... so as soon as it comes back up it gets
the next number from the network and we are back where we started.  go to 20m
and back up to edit the bad qso, move it to 160m.. now 40, 80, and 160m all have
that number as the next s/n... go wrong way to put it back and hit 10m... now
all stations think the 15m number is their next number!

temporary solution... stop all machines and reload log without the network.  go
to 20m qso that got the bad serial number on ALL machines and move it to 160m. 
restart all machines back on the network.  now 5 of the 6 are right and the bad
qso is on 160m... who now wants to send the next 15m number, but we don't care
about that band now anyway.

the question is... how is one supposed to fix a sent serial number in ct now??? 
they are stored in the bin file, but b2r9/r2b9 doesn't work, and doesn't even
show the offending serial number in the res file anyway.  i can edit the binary,
but there must be a better way.

David Robbins K1TTT (ex KY1H)
k1ttt@berkshire.net   or   robbins@berkshire.net

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