[ct-user] Simple (I hope) networking question

W1HIJCW@aol.com W1HIJCW@aol.com
Tue, 30 May 2000 10:05:41 EDT

Hi all,

As a test setup in preparation for FD, we (N6HC and W1HIJ) set up a two 
station network using CT9.44 for WPX CW. Station 1 was TS950/TL922 with a 
386, station 2 was an FT990 with a Pentium II. Station 1 had radio control on 
com1, network on com2, packet on com3. Station 2 had radio control on com1, 
network on com2 and packet remote. Everything work perfectly --- EXCEPT that 
when xmitting on station 2, occasionally the computer of station 2 would 
switch to 20M regardless of what band the radio was actually on and 
regardless of what band station 1 was on. The switch would only last for a 
second or two and then it would revert to the correct band. As a general rule 
this was only a distraction, but occasionally it meant that a dupe check was 
incorrect, if for example a station being worked on 15 by station 2 had been 
worked on 20 but not 15. Refusal to log on 15 (i.e. the band station 2 was 
actually on) because of incorrect dupe check results happened once or twice.

Station 1 never experienced the glitch and it was not correlated with 
transmitting by station 1.

Suspecting RFI, we reduced power on station 2 to 10 watts and tried rerouting 
all appropriate cables, none of which had any effect. Only 1 or 2 extra 
ferrites were available to try, but the effect was nil as well.

Any thoughts on causes and cures?


Bill, W1HIJ(/6) -- member: Southern California DX Club and
                                       Southern California Contest Club
Newport Beach, CA 

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