[ct-user] Ctrl-L Function

K2ONP@aol.com K2ONP@aol.com
Tue, 30 May 2000 13:13:57 EDT

Hello All:
Was using v.9.50 in the CQ WPX this weekend. Everything working very well.  
Tried to invalidate a QSO using the ctrl-L function.  Noticed that the qso 
was removed from the .sum and .dup files, but qso point credit appeared still 
appeared in the .all sheet.  Multiplier credit, however, was deleted.  Anyone 
else notice this problem?  Also, it would be really neat if there would be 
some indication in the .bin file (e.g., different color) that the qso had 
been invalidated.
For the record, I'm running authentic DOS 6.22 on an AMD K6 233 system.
73's, George K2ONP

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