[ct-user] Labels with operator on them?

Sharon Machlis Gartenberg KC1YR Sharon Machlis Gartenberg KC1YR <sharon@kc1yr.com>
Mon, 11 Sep 2000 23:37:45 -0400

   Greetings. I will be part of the AA1ON Worldwide team next month, and 
we'll be using CT. Here's my question: Is there any way to print out QSL 
labels that include the name of the operator on them, from the list 
generated by the OPOFF and OPON commands?

   Reason is, some of the hams who make contact with me when I'm at the mike 
are specifically looking for a YL card. It would be really helpful if we 
could note which operator made the contact, without having to manually 
match up the label with the times in the operator file.

   From looking through the manual, the only thing I could think to try is to 
create a text file of the (binary) log, write a Perl script that will add 
the operator based on manually writing the code for each op on and op off 
time, then write into a new file and use some other label-printing 
software. As I am just a casual hobbyist programmer and not an expert, this 
will take me quite some time; if anyone already has a solution for this 
issue, it would sure save a lot of effort. Thanks!

   Sharon KC1YR

Sharon Machlis Gartenberg KC1YR also T99YR

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