[ct-user] WAE QTC issue

Joe Stepansky Joe Stepansky <joe@microserve.net>
Tue, 12 Sep 2000 21:22:38 -0400

I goofed twice when doing QTCs.  In one case, I entered the wrong callsign
(LY3IJ instead of LY2IJ) and in another case had the wrong callsign on the
QTC form before I realized the error (CT puts the last station worked in the
callsign field and someone I'd worked earlier wanted QTCs).  Unfortunately,
I'd already "sent" one QTC for the erroneous call, so that QTC is null and void.

Question:  can I just change the callsign in the .QTC file, or is that not
recommended?  And for the invalid QTC...how do I get rid of that one,
realizing that the serial numbers will have a gap in them.


73 Joe KQ3F

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