[ct-user] v 9.66 Beta CQWW problem

Ken Wolff kwolff@ultranet.com
Mon, 27 Aug 2001 12:39:18 -0400


Select CW or PHONE in the opening setup screen. The mode change keys
don't work, because the contest is single mode only.

I am going to defeat the dual F12 box for one radio setups.

- Ken

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I just loaded v9.66 

Bug report?


When setting up for CQWW SSB..
The program boots into the CW mode.
Can not change modes via Ctrl-F1

F-12 also displays Radio 1 and Radio 2 - 
My setup was for no radio

This is on a P90/32mb RAM DOS 6.22
All is OK with v9.65

Tom KA2D

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