[ct-user] A caution

Mike Gilmer - N2MG n2mg@contesting.com
8 Dec 2001 16:38:59 -0800

No need to wait for the future, the robot currently informs those submitting logs if there was a problem.

Recently (this past week), it was a bit too diligent regarding category and was rejecting Cabrillo files that had the mode as part of the category (this has since been fixed).

The robot's email was quite explicit regarding the perceived error, even suggesting options for the correct category.

Also, it dinged me on the last QSO in my CW log because the QSO's time was 0300 - it told me in no uncertain terms that the contest ended at 0259, so there!

73 Mike N2MG

On Sat, 08 December 2001, Tom Frenaye wrote:

I'm told that at some point in the future the robot will report back to you what it finds in the header (your entry category, etc) so that should make it easier to avoid problems.

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