[ct-user] WindowsXP / CT / RTTYbyWF1B

William Chartier n4iq@charter.net
Sat, 8 Dec 2001 13:48:50 -0500

I recently upgraded from WindowsMe to WindowsXP (home version) on my
Pentium4 system.  Happy to report CT and RTTYbyWF1B work just fine for the
way I am using them.  I have both COM1 and COM2 used for my TNC and RADIO.
I use MoSlo to slow the computer down (mine is a 1.3GHz) for both these
applications.  I found the best way to get around interference with Windows
(both in Me and XP) was to format a floppy as a bootup disk (with system
files) and boot the computer up in "dumb" DOS mode with this disk.  (DO NOT
boot up in Windows or use Windows "safe mode" and THEN go to DOS.)  Since
there will be no DOS utilities when booting up this way, and to make life
easier in DOS, you can add a couple of programs to this startup disk such as
a dos compatible mouse program (i.e. mouse.com) and a dos editor (such as
edit.exe).  Put the mouse in an autoexec.bat file plus a path directory
references to wherever you have the mouse and editor (A:/  in my case), CT,
and RTTYbyWF1B. I use .bat files on the floppy to change to the CT directory
on C:/ , load the TSRs, load MoSlo and start CT.  Same for RTTYbyWF1B
(except don't have to load TSRs).  I have not used the CT or RTTY networking
features on this computer yet, but I have no reason to suspect they won't

By the way, I really like XP.  It is a big improvement over WinMe with all
its lockups.  Also I like its looks and the multimedia and internet

Hope this is a help for anyone considering upgrading to XP.  GL     Bill