[ct-user] A caution

Tom Frenaye frenaye@pcnet.com
Sat, 08 Dec 2001 13:08:32 -0500

I found that I had a problem with my SS CW entry.   The PC I created the log on had CT 9.46 (an old version I knew was stable) and then I moved it to the PC I use for e-mail and other things, which has CT 9.65 on it.    I ran the log through CT's writelog command to produce the Cabrillo file (K1KI.TXT) and sent it off to the "robot".    Turns out that a log created in 9.46 then moved into 9.65 does some odd things, as a result of changes made to handle Cabrillo.   The older version didn't ask for power level, but when converted to the new version it apparently defaults to high power.   Similarly, if the log had CW selected in 9.46, in 9.65 it shows as mixed mode...    

So, the moral of this story is to always review your entry (Cabrillo file) before sending it in.   I'm told that at some point in the future the robot will report back to you what it finds in the header (your entry category, etc) so that should make it easier to avoid problems.

                                -- Tom

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