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Thanks Ken for the reply. You provide 2 utilities, C2A & B2R which should
meet anyone's requirement for whatever they want to do post-contest. I think
it's about time for some standards and now we have two: Cabrillo and AD1F.
CT is the 'top-dog' as far as contesting software so in my feeble mind these
logging software programmers should meet your standard not the other way
around. You spend to much time and energy trying to please to many people.
You were the first and still the best.

MAL               N7MAL

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> For along time third party software has been using the old ARRL format
> named <callsign>.log to read CT logs.
> Rather than break all that software, I used <callsign>.txt as Cabrillo
> output because the Cabrillo spec (http://www.kkn.net/~trey/cabrillo)
> recommends, but does not require the .LOG extension.
> After many requests, in CT969 I changed the output file name to the
> standard <callsign>.log. Of course I forgot to delete the code (ten
> lines later) that writes the old format for ARRL contests. This
> *overwites* the Cabrillo output.
> I am removing the old ARRL format code, so I expect to take some heat
> when other conversion software breaks.
> - Ken
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> Can someone explain, preferably AD1C or K1EA, why CT generates 2 similar
> files, .LOG & .TXT ? It seems to my simple mind all this confusion about
> which file to send could be eliminated if only one file were generated.
> Perhaps Trey, N5KO, who fathered CABRILLO, could come up with a new,
> dedicated, file extension .DUM. We would all know then all .DUM files go
> to
> contest committees.
> (P.S. I forwarded a copy of this to my good friend N5KO)
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