[ct-user] CT9.69

Larry R. Fravel lfravel@3wlogic.net
Fri, 14 Dec 2001 22:26:21 -0800

I recently downloaded CT9.69.01 and installed it on my logging computer
for the ARRL 10 meter contest.  I had logged about 28 contacts when I
realized that everything was logging as CW instead of SSB even though I
had clearly chosen the "SSB" option at the beginning of the contest.
Nothing I could do would get the program to go to SSB, and as a result I
had 28 mislogged contacts as CW (along with the resulting score
reflecting CW rather than SSB contacts.

The only way I could correct this was to convert the bin file to a res
file and edit all the entries to reflect SSB contacts.  I then had to
delete the CT.exe file from the program and replace it with the CT.exe
file from version 9.65, convert the res file back to a bin file, and
copy it back to the program.  This seemed to fix the problem, but by the
time I had finished the fix the band had closed up at my QTH in West
Virginia and I probably lost another 30 to 40 contacts.

This is the first time I have had a problem with CT since I purchased
9.50.  Has anyone else noticed this particular bug?

Larry N4SEA

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