[ct-user] Ten Meter Contest

Klein Gilhousen kleing@qualcomm.com
Sat, 15 Dec 2001 07:33:59 -0700

I, too, have had some problems with the latest versions of CT in the 10m 
contest.  I started out last night running 9.68 on an IBM Thinkpad laptop 
with win95 booted into MS-DOS with a Yaesu FT1000D under control and with 
computer keying. I experienced the wierd mode control problems in which the 
radio control seemed to be out of sync with the computer, but was able to 
get it to "sort of" work by combination of manual radio control of mode 
with separate control of the computer's idea of the mode.  Another problem 
I experienced was that contacts with HI and AK were not handled 
properly.  I.e., the software seemed confused about whether these were 
states or countries and wouldn't accept the contact at all unless I "lied" 
and said they were in CA or something other than what the actually are.

After noting the problems others were having on CT-user, I decided to 
download 9.70.  This was worse than 9.68 in that now the mode was "stuck" 
in CW.  So I went back to 9.53 which I had used in last year's contest with 
no problems.  Now everything seems ok. AK and HI are ok as is the 
mode.  Now that it's sunup, I'll give it a try under fire.

Klein Gilhousen, NA7NA
Bozeman, MT