[ct-user] Alt-U SCP Bug / Warning!

Bill Tippett btippett@alum.mit.edu
Wed, 19 Dec 2001 14:26:05 +0000

        During the ARRL 10 on Sunday afternoon, I was doing S&P using
9.61 looking for new stations.  I normally select the Alt-U SCP Window
when doing this.  I worked a LU station that seemed familiar but
did not show up as worked in the SCP window as worked so I called
and he said "QSO B4".  I told him he was not in my log so he logged
it and I moved on.  Then I had an identical experience with another
station so I tried an experiment, entering a station just worked
and discovered that it also did not show up in the SCP window.  I
then decided to immediately exit CT and reload.  After that everything 
went back to normal.  I mentioned this in a post on the CQ-Contest 
reflector and Ted KR1G responded with the following:

Saturday night I rebooted CT - version 9.65, also not the latest.

I found as I typed calls into CT while S&Ping, they did not show up as 
dupes in the Super Check Partial (or whatever its called ) window, which 
I LOVE while S&Ping. I can figure most calls are dupes before typing in 
the whole call - and I'm not a fast typist. Typing in the whole call and 
hitting the spacebar did tell me whether calls were dupes

Sunday morning, with no changes/restarts/etc - CT was working fine again

...and after asking Ted to confirm he replied:

Yes you may absolutely quote me on the CT refelector or anywhere else 
you deem appropriate. The dupe functionality didn't totally stop working 
- a "spacebar" would show an  entered dupe as a dupe, but dupes didn't 
show up as dupes in the super check partial window. Hence I called 3 
dupes - one I worked, one told me B4, and one I told before and we both 
laughed over it.

        Has anyone else noticed this?  What Ted said about only the
SCP not working when "spacebar" did work OK may have been true in my
case also...I did not spend much time trying to diagnose at the time 
but quickly exited and rebooted CT to fix my SCP.  Very interesting,
and SCARY, that his SCP started working the next day without rebooting.
If I had any idea how we got into this mode I would submit a bug report
but at this point I can only caution all to be careful with SCP until 
someone can understand how the problem is invoked so it can be fixed.

                                                73,  Bill  W4ZV